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Kwan Yin Healing Provides Abundant Self-Healing and Well-Being

Well-being is what makes us most abundant, while illness and discomfort can be a considerable distraction and hindrance. Here’s a simple but effective Buddhist Kwan Yin Healing self-healing technique. All it takes is a little relaxation and a little concentration.

The lotus position is ideal, but sitting in a straight-backed chair with feet on the floor is fine. Close your eyes and relax. Drop your jaw and take several long, slow, deep breaths. Let yourself sink into the peace. Once relaxed, imagine a plane of white light separating the left and right sides of the body, going right through the body and beyond. Look for any sensations or pain on either side and imagine this energy balancing out between the two sides so they are equal. When they match, just sit in this balance for a bit.

Imagine a small ball of white light inside the chest and envision this light filling and nourishing mind, body and soul. Let it fill every bit of you. Imagine it sustaining you, flowing into every part of you, loving you, protecting you, energizing you; bringing vitality to every cell, every molecule, every atom, reaching to literally every part and every depth of you. Then, imagine a white light surrounding your entire body, protecting mind, body and soul, nourishing you, energizing you, sustaining you, loving and supporting you completely.

Finally, take any remaining pains, whether physical, emotional or mental, and consciously move them to the outer sphere to dissipate. Just as you moved energy to two sides of the planes, now move any discomforts from the inner body to the outer body, letting it flow there naturally. By moving them outside of the physical body, they move into higher frequency energies, where they can more readily be released. The outer/higher energetic, or “causal”, body is better equipped to address imbalances and can more quickly release pain and injury. Additionally, you will be moving symptoms from the physical to the spiritual realm, removing blockages and allowing energy to flow freely again, thus manifesting good health.

Once this process is complete, let the discomforts in your outer energy now dissipate and circulate, not in single spots, but diffused throughout the outer body. In such a diluted state, your energetic body can handle this well and normally. It’s like allergens—when there are few of them, most people don’t have allergy symptoms. When they gang up, then allergies start. This process lowers that concentration so that you can again enjoy “pre-allergy” conditions.

Incidentally, we can apply this technique to emotional pain and mental confusion, as well. All healing is ultimately releasing. That’s hard to do when the pain is nagging for attention, so first move it to a stronger spot and/or diffuse it to lower its concentration, and then the natural healing propensity of the body will take over and do its job to maintain health by absorbing healthy nutrients and eliminating wastes.

This is also a useful process as a daily maintenance program. If we find thoughts or sounds or anything else distracting, simply concentrate on the breath. Don’t worry about controlling the breath or anything special—just watch. In, out. In, out. Balance. Heal.

Tim Emerson, a 30-year veteran of energy healing, founded Kwan Yin Healing in 2011. For more information on self-healing, healing and well-being tips, visit KwanYinHealing.com.

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